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        About YUANYANG

        Product solution

        The JPY series of cross-cutting production line (opening leveling) equipment produced by our factory: thickness 0.2-25mm width 200-2500mm; ZJY series coil cutting production line (striping) equipment: thickness: 0.20-14mm width 200-2500mm.

        Among them, the high-speed precision cross-cutting production line can reach 35 sheets of 2 meters per minute, and the high-speed coil slitting production line can reach 180 meters per minute.

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        • Company Overview

          WUXI YuanYang MACHINERY CO.,LTD is located in Wuxi close to Shanghai, with staff over 100, a workshop area of 15,000 m2, a registered capital of RMB 10 million and self-run import and export licence.

        • Sales network

          Our machines have exported to more than 40 countries for example Russia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Jordan, UAE,India, Ethiopia, Albania,Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar,etc.

        • Business philosophy

          We rely on strong technical force, sophisticated processing methods, customer-oriented, with the highest quality solutions, to deliver satisfactory products, while providing excellent after-sales service.

        • Application field

          Whether it's steel manufacturing, non-ferrous metal manufacturing, sheet metal distribution, or any other industry, we can help you process coils into the right-to-length boards and coils you need.

        Equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality

        We can help you process the coil into the correct size and coil plate you need

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          Contact us

          Thanks for your continued concern and support. Please feel free to contact us and we promise to make the best solution for you.Welcome to visit our factory.

          • Tel:(0086)0510-88262188 88265750
          • Fax:(0086)0510-88227766
          • Add:No.96 Chunsun Road,Xishan Economic Development Zone,Wuxi
          • Web:www.bandargaming88.net
          • Tel:(0086)0510-88265988
          • Phone:(0)13961712988
          • Code:214101
          • Email:sales@wxyuanyang.com


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